What Is Outcomes Based Learning?

Crtical cross field outcomesJanuary 2017 - The Water Academy‚Äôs training programmes offer excellent technical and practical knowledge and are based on critical cross-field outcomes. What does this mean exactly? 

1) Learners are capable of identifying water and wastewater related problems and of finding creative trouble-shooting solutions. 

2) They can work effectively with others on a daily basis as valuable team members with the collective goal of producing potable water. 

3) Learners can manage themselves and their duties responsibly to implement the efficient running of water and wastewater treatment works.

4) They can communicate effectively, using appropriate verbal and nonverbal skills to ensure smooth handovers and clear reporting of all work-related issues

5) Learners demonstrate an understanding of the world as a set of interrelated systems by recognizing that problem solving in the context of water and wastewater does not happen in isolation.

6) They use science and technology to show responsibility towards the environment and health of the broader community.

7) Learners are happy in their work and concern themselves with the betterment of life for all.