LGSETA & TWA | Creating Greater Impact in Water Sector Training

LGSETA LogoMay 2017 - Local government sector education and training authority, LGSETA creates and implements various innovative skills development interventions aimed at assisting local government employees, the unemployed and other people such as ward councillors and traditional leaders working within the structures of local government (source: www.lgseta.co.za). The Water Academy has been appointed by LGSETA in the Western Cape to undertake training for its water sector employees. In addition, a number of unemployed persons will also participate in this training and will be integrated into the Western Cape’s local government water treatment plant staff upon successful completion of this programme. 

11 Western Cape municipalities are participating in this LGSETA/TWA learnership programme. The learnerships will be led by TWA facilitators in 5 groups or “clusters”, each of which will convene at one of the 5 host municipalities of Beaufort West, Prince Albert, Drakenstein, Hessequa and Cape Town over a one year period. The programme has a number of intended outcomes. Firstly, this learnership will ensure that all existing employees have up to date knowledge and skills as required for the designation “Registered Process Controller". Secondly, LGSETA with TWA will be training unemployed individuals with the vital skills they require in order to move into municipal water sector employment as existing employees are promoted or move to other roles . The course will therefore provide a basis for ongoing skills development and job creation in water treatment plants situated in the Western Cape.

Learners meet in their designated clusters one week of each month over a 12 month period to attend to theoretical studies. Skills are then applied in “real time” in the field for the rest of the month in order that learners gain important practical experience. Throughout the training municipal employees continue to receive their full salary. Unemployed trainees receive a stipend from LGSETA in order to assist with transport, accommodation and living requirements. 

At the end of the 12 month training period, learners will undertake final theoretical and practical assessments, and upon being found competent will be issued with a National Certificate in Water & Waste Water Process Operation (NQF3). This qualification is registered by the Department of Labour and is a valuable achievement for each learner. The Water Academy is proud to be associated with this initiative by LGSETA.