Meet Our Team | Annie Smith - Moderator

Learnership ModerationAnnie Smith joined The Water Academy 6 years ago as a part-time moderator and is now based full-time at our Knysna Head Office. Annie’s role has expanded over the years and includes proof-reading of all Learnership Modules to check spelling, grammar and clarity of information. Annie is also our in-house moderator. She liaises with our Learnership Facilitators to ensure that standards of systems and guidelines are sustained and adhered to across all of our Learnerships. Facilitators can feedback to Annie should they have suggestions for improvements or modifications.

Learnership papers are assessed by the in-field facilitators and then sent back to our head office. Annie then selects a random sample of completed books to ensure there is a standard met across this selection of papers. Annie qualified as a moderator in 2011, taking the required ESETA course. Annie is an experienced private tutor and special needs teacher and has worked in Canada as well as South Africa. She enjoys her work for its sense of completion and in seeing that the Learners are understanding and engaging with this important work.