WISA Conference 2018 | Breaking Barriers, Connecting Ideas

WISA 2018 Logo1July, 2017 - The Water Institute of Southern Africa (WISA) is hosting its biennial conference and exhibition next year. This will take place at the CTICC, Cape Town, from 24 to 27 June 2018. The central theme of “Breaking barriers, Connecting ideas” seeks to address past, existing and future water resource challenges by promoting collaboration, cooperation and integration within the water sector.

The Southern African region faces increased uncertainty and vulnerability regarding water supply. Thematic areas for the conference seek to promote, inspire and demonstrate the value of working beyond existing mandates and perceived restrictions. While an emphasis is placed on Southern African case studies and research, international examples applicable to the Southern African context are also welcome. 

One of the keys themes to be discussed is “Waste Not Want Not: Optimising Processes For Treatment And Reclamation”. The water sector is looking at the next generation of technology for water and wastewater treatment. This would include latest developments in advanced treatment technologies, by-product extraction and opportunities for re-use. The need for augmented and alternative water supply options, with reference to over allocated systems, linked to fit-for-purpose use, have consequences to the required treatment quality and applied processes and infrastructure. The linkages to energy production and alternative by-products through wastewater treatment are key to improving resource efficiency. Linking to the management of wastewater, the delivery of dignified sanitation continues to see advancements being made in the design of technologies to address historic and economic differences.

Questions to be raised under this theme include:

  • How is the Southern African region managing a balance between the utilisation of advanced treatment technologies and skills development?
  • As part of next generation technologies, what are the opportunities for alternative and advanced treatment methodologies relevant to the scale of various processes and operations?

We will be watching the discussions at this conference with great interest. The Water Academy is at the forefront of education in water and waste-water management and is actively engaged in advancing technologies as well as sharing and upgrading knowledge in these areas to the benefit of all.

Source material from wisa2018.org.za