Team Building at TWA

Team Building29 July, 2017 - The Water Academy staff enjoyed the first of a series of team building workshops at our head office in Knysna. The entire team gathered together, travelling from around the country. The session was facilitated by Linden Booth, an experienced team and leadership coach who executed a well-structured and professionally run workshop. The main objective of the session was to build on The Water Academy’s great team spirit and to give each member of staff the opportunity to be heard and to make suggestions on how we can improve on what we do as a team.

Linden created a safe space for the sharing thoughts and ideas as well as allowing the team to get to know each other better and have some fun. The exercises and processes offered valuable tools to enhance professional procedures and bring a sense of cohesion to our team. Several processes were identified for improvement and these are already being discussed.

During the workshop session, the team co-created a constructive plan for targeted areas in which to improve business and personal growth.

One of the key points was the necessity of developing “flow” and feeling a passion for what we do on a day to day basis. Linden explained that these qualities are essential in order to feel happy and self-actualised in work, as a team and as individuals.

The team left the workshop with a sense of belonging, value and empowerment as their contributions and suggestions had been welcomed, acknowledged and appreciated. A great morning was had by all, and Team TWA looks forward to the next session.