The Positive Image of a Water Process Controller

Patrick Prins Process ControllerNovember, 2017 - Patrick Prins, a process controller at Witzenberg Municipality, and a learner at The Water Academy, reflects on the changing image of a sewerage worker:

“My life as a sewerage worker commenced nine years ago when I was appointed as a machine operator at Wolseley Waste Water Treatment Works. It also saw the start of a career in an unknown field but has proved to be one of the most significant career moves I ever made. The year 2008 saw the implementation of the Green and Blue Drop award structures, by the Department of Water Affairs, for all municipalities in South Africa. The main objective of this was to make sure all municipalities comply with the national standards set by Water Affairs. As a result the focus point and image of a sewerage worker changed forever. The most beautiful thing of the implementation of the Blue and Green drop structures is that it started opening career opportunities where workers could improve their knowledge and skills through learning activities to boost their careers. 

Not only the image of a sewerage worker has changed but also the name has changed to what is now known as a process controller. What started as a job people turned their noses up at has developed into a career full of opportunities and possibilities. It is a job that brings pride and dignity into the lives of process controllers.

It is something everyone in the waste water sector should be proud of. The establishment of the process controller division as a unit of its own has further strengthened the image of the process controller. 

Water Affairs and in particular the process controller division are to be congratulated on all the effort and input into the lives and careers of the process controllers.But most important is the professional image that has been given to a process controller. An image we can be proud of.”

Many thanks to Patrick for his insights. Patrick and his colleagues have been participating in ongoing learnerships with The Water Academy in partnership with the Witzenberg Municipality. For more information about our short courses, which include Process Controller Skills Programmes, click here.