Meet the Team | Shane Botha

Shane Training MaterialsNovember, 2017 - Shane Botha has been with The Water Academy for 7 years. Aside from the founders of the company, Shane is the longest serving member of the team who he says are “like family”. Shane is responsible for the printing, binding and dispatch of Learner Modules and training materials. On the day we spoke, Shane had his printing machines running full tilt preparing for an upcoming Learnership and was surrounded by tall stacks of colourful manuals.

Shane learnt his skills on the job with TWA and now operates 2 state of the art printers and a lay flat binder to produce high quality materials that are used in the field. The job can sometimes be pressurised, especially when there are many learnerships in progress simultaneously. Shane stays calm, even with tight deadlines, and expresses a real enjoyment for his work. He speaks highly and respectfully of his colleagues: “In The Water Academy team everyone is willing to lend a hand to get the job done well”.

The Water Academy is unique in producing their own training materials from start to finish. Shane says “ I love the satisfaction of producing quality materials and it makes me happy knowing that I play my part in the education of so many Learners; that what I do makes a difference in people’s lives.”