Better Together | A Water Dialogue with Knysna Municipality

Water Dialogue Knysna MunicipalityFebruary 2018 - The Water Academy was invited to attend a meeting entitled “Water Dialogue” at Knysna Municipality on 26th January, 2018. The invitation was issued in order that local businesses could engage with government bodies on the issue of a collective response to the Western Cape’s current water security.

The province is facing its worst drought in living memory. With climate change projections, it is estimated that the region is facing a 30-40 year water security challenge. The forum aimed to open up and facilitate discussion about an effective collective response to the current water shortage situation as well as how we can adapt to a “new normal”. Speakers offered information about the the response actions taken by government and business to date, talked of the development of water service and technologies, support available to local businesses and the possibility of forming effective partnerships in order to facilitate a community response to the current situation.

Garvey and Noma represented The Water Academy and brought this important dialogue back to the team at the office. In-house discussions have since taken place in order to establish how TWA can partner with the municipality and other local groups in mutual support and forward planning.