Busi at TWA office

Busi The Water Academy water wastewater reticulation TWA STAFF MEMBER COMMITTED TO LIFELONG LEARNING Busisiwe Mningiswa, a member of the The Water Academy editing team, became competent at InDesign publishing programme while working at TWA and now assists with learning material editing and managing the flow of books from editing to printing. Her enthusiasm, ready smile and efficiency are hallmarks of her positive attitude towards her job. Not one to let the grass grow under her feet Busisiwe decided to further grow her skill set and ready herself for future opportunities.

She enrolled on a one-year Advanced Certificate in Project Management, NQF 6, at UNISA, at the beginning of 2018, as a part time student. With the first semester and the first six prescribed modules well behind her (gaining three distinctions) Busi now awaits the results of her second and final semester.

Fleur, the TWA education manager chatted to Busi about working, studying part time, and just what it is that drives her.

FH: What made you decide to do this course?
BM: I chose something that fitted with my work at TWA. I did agricultural management before but that was more specific. Project management gives you more options as it covers a wider range of management skills.

FH: How do you juggle full time work and part time studying?
BM: Complicated! I learned to re-arrange my leisure time. I was a bit of a TV addict but realised I could do something far better with the time. It is about time management skills – balancing. I am a single mum and my child needs me too. There is some sacrifice involved. At home I have to balance study, domestic and mum duties. I do get to sleep quite late – usually 1 am. It was hard at first because I was not used to the change in rhythm, but I got used to it. It is my first time studying part time.
FH: Can you comment on your course?
BM: I am REALLY enjoying it. It’s motivated me to think of longer-term goals; to work as hard as I can; to do the best I can; to get all the experience I can and never say no to anything. I want to work my way up to be available for different roles and be prepared for management opportunities later in life. My favourite modules were HR Management, Quality Management and Information Technology. I found the work on Project Time Management module very beneficial.

TWA wishes Busiswe much luck and has no doubt that her final results are going to make us all very proud of her.