Hessequa LearnershipThe LGSETA training programme for the Western Cape is in full flow. Water Academy facilitator, Charles Crawford is leading this educational initiative in two centres, Hessequa (Riversdale) (31 Learners) and Prince Albert (25 learners). The overall goal is to conduct a successful learnership over a 12 month period. The learnership includes theoretical studies in a classroom as well as practical plant work. This approach will empower the learners to treat drinking water and wastewater that is returned to the environment to the high standards specified in regulations promulgated under the water acts. We will keep you updated with news of this exciting programme.

LGSETA LogoMay 2017 - Local government sector education and training authority, LGSETA creates and implements various innovative skills development interventions aimed at assisting local government employees, the unemployed and other people such as ward councillors and traditional leaders working within the structures of local government (source: www.lgseta.co.za). The Water Academy has been appointed by LGSETA in the Western Cape to undertake training for its water sector employees. In addition, a number of unemployed persons will also participate in this training and will be integrated into the Western Cape’s local government water treatment plant staff upon successful completion of this programme. 

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Crtical cross field outcomesJanuary 2017 - The Water Academy‚Äôs training programmes offer excellent technical and practical knowledge and are based on critical cross-field outcomes. What does this mean exactly? 

1) Learners are capable of identifying water and wastewater related problems and of finding creative trouble-shooting solutions. 

2) They can work effectively with others on a daily basis as valuable team members with the collective goal of producing potable water. 

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A clean environment for allDecember 2016, Knysna - In keeping with our company motto “clean water for all”, The Water Academy has started an initiative to bring awareness to how each of us can contribute to “a clean environment for all”.  With permission, we are placing signs in public areas that encourage individuals to consider the impact of litter on the environment and the other people and animals that share it. The signs are clear, printed in 3 languages and share a colour theme and continuity with the Water Academy’s own logo. This initiative starts in Knysna, where our head office is based, but we have big plans. Watch this space….



TWA Head OfficeThe Water Academy moves to new offices in Knysna

November 2016, Knysna - We are delighted to report that the Water Academy team is now situated in our new head office in central Knysna. Our upgrade to these premises, located in Main Street in central Knysna, offers more space and the opportunity for our planned future expansion. The first floor offices are bright, sunny and spacious and house clearly designated areas for each of our departments, including administration, printing and publishing, facilitation, graphics and management.

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