Water services management has increasing responsibly to their staff, their employer and themselves to ensure the effective implementation of the Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHS Act 85 of 1993) and the Compensation for Occupational Injuries and Diseases Act (COID Act 130 of 1993). The study of this module firstly provides managers and supervisors with an understanding of their responsibility and accountability under these acts and then provides coaching support to implement a system which will ensure the health and safety of their staff.


The course is based on the following Unit Standards:

  • Apply personal safety practices in the water sector US 246459 (NQF 2, 4 credits, M135)
  • Supervise personal safety practices in the water sector US 254099 (NQF 4, 4 credits, M212)
  • Demonstrate understandings of the section of the OHSA applicable to the water sector US 117003 (NQF 5, 6 credits, M249)
1. Legislated rights and duties of employers and employees:

Section 8 and 9 of the OHSA: General duties of employers to their employees and the self employed
Section 13 of OHSA: Duty to Inform:

- Employees of dangers

- Health and Safety Reps

  • Section 14 of OHSA: General duties of employees at work
  • Section 15 of OHSA: Duty not to interfere
  • Section 16 of OHSA: Duties of CEO and related appointments
  • Section 17,18,19,20: Duties, election and functions of Health and Safety Reps and Safety Committee
  • Section 37: Acts and Omissions
  • Relevant sections of the COID Act
  • All related regulations including the General Safety, General Administration, Major Hazards, General Machinery, Facilities, Construction etc.

2. Principle of criminal and civil liability and juristic persons

3. First Aid offices and first aid boxes

4. Colour codes

5. Safety signs

6. Personal Protective Equipment

7. Identify Hazards

8. Confined spaces entry

9. Hygiene practices and house keeping

10. Handling emergencies

11. Moving machinery hazards and safe guarding

12. Electrical Lock-out Procedures


Step 1: Class Work

The course will be introduced through a class work session

Study material provided will include:

  • Study Guide
  • Acts
  • Regulations
  • On-site Compliance Check Lists
  • General Safety procedures (SOP's) such as confined space Entry and Lock-out

The facilitator will introduce and give an overview of the study material.

Learners to form workplace learning and implementation groups

Step 2: Workplace Implementation

Learners to use Check Lists to:

  1. assess own workplace compliance
  2. introduce measures to ensure compliance
Step 3: Implementation Support Workshops
  • Facilitator to hold workshops to discuss progress with implementation
  • Learners to develop PoE's using implementation as evidence of competency
Step 4: Assess
  • Assessing Learners
  • Certification of Learners