BLUE DROP GREEN DROP COMPLIANCE - Manage drinking water quality


Develop and Run a Quality Management System


The delivery of consistent and sustained quality in water services can only be achieved through the implementation of a documented, maintained and audited Quality Management System (QMS).

Many such systems have been developed. The basis of this course is the ISO 9001 system, the most widely used QMS. The purpose of the course is to enable water and wastewater management and supervisors manage their works to deliver consistent quality through the installation of a QMS. The QMS in addition will satisfy the following Blue / Green Drop requirements:

Water and wastewater quality monitoring and reporting of results
Manage quality failures – Identify non compliance and take corrective and preventable action
Monitor works capacity and manage assets


This course will be based on the following Unit Standards: The units selected will be based on site needs.


US 254114 Demonstrate knowledge of quality and its management in a water and wastewater context (M173, NQF 3, 4 Credits)


US 116 982 Demonstrate knowledge of water quality control (NQF 5, 7 credits, M239).
US 254103, US 254097 Advanced sampling and Process Control Tests (NQF 3, 8 credits, M290)

Step 1: Class Work: Theory of QMS

The Class work will cover the following topics:

  • Legislated Quality Targets
    • Drinking water quality: SANS 241: 2006
    • Wastewater discharge quality including: Wastewater limit valves, WWTW discharge license, industrial effluent and trade efficient by-laws
  • Importance of achieving quality targets: Water borne diseases: types, transmissions and prevention.
  • Stabilise water: Protecting the reticulation system against corrosion and scaling, use of software packages.
  • Elements, vision, key principles, and examples of quality management systems.
  • Supply chain management
    • Feed water quality sources of contaminants
    • Chemicals
  • Roles, requirements, team work, participative management approach.
Step 2: Implement a Quality Management System at own works

A project based learning approach will be used. Learners will be coached to:

  • Work as a team using a participative approach
  • Identify processes and systems
  • Stipulate quality compliance standards
  • Develop operating procedures to achieve compliance
  • Manage documents and information
  • Audit
  • Provide Continuous improvement
    • Identify and report on non compliances
    • Undertake corrective action
    • Implement prevention action
Step 3: Run the QMS and gather data

The course facilitator will provide mentor support over this period

Step 4: Assess and Certify Learners